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I help successful leaders overcome stress, overwhelm & burnout and realign with their passion so they can live their best, most fulfilled lives. 

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What My Clients Are Saying...

Jessica Woodbeck

CEO Of Thrive realty co

I met Lisa Yeung at my usual business masterminds, except there was nothing usual about her. Once we started talking I knew I would be hiring her to help me navigate through some challenging chapters in life. As a business owner, wife, and mother I was able to surrender to the program of personal development with ease due to her calming and confident nature.

Fast forward 2 months later and I can attest to her ability to adapt to whatever you are in need of. She has helped me with sleep cycles to high level business decisions and truly everything in between. She is an excellent Life Coach and I would highly recommend her to people that are in need of finding inner peace, techniques for coping, and unique approaches to all that life delivers (fears, anxiety, stress, etc.).

I highly recommend her for transformational coaching!

Francine Beleyi

Award-winning Digital & change strategist

corporate trainer, Author and keynote speaker

Wow, Dr Lisa is the TOTAL package: a medical doctor, a psychologist, and a coach who is able to unlock the most unhelpful patterns out of your system.

After just a couple of sessions, I've seen a MAJOR shift in my pattern of procrastination with the help of Dr Lisa. Her integrated method works powerfully both on the conscious and unconscious mind.

I would HIGHLY recommend coaching with her...especially if you are feeling stuck and looking to get rid of deep-seated patterns. She will help you get unstuck and get back into flow!

Alex Aanderud

Leading behavioral expert

Executive Consultant

Speaker, Trainer, Coach

Dr. Lisa Yeung is by far the the world's leading expert on authenticity and radical self care.  

I have brought Lisa in to work with some of my top clients and top-performing teams to help them navigate the mental and emotional challenges created through shifting markets...and she has empowered them to thrive.

Every client I have referred to Lisa has seen incredible shifts...even in just their first session...and every audience has asked for more.  I can't recommend Lisa highly enough.

Nikki Rineholt

Integrative Health Coach

Certified QUit smoking Specialist

When I met Lisa Yeung, I was struggling with creating the life I wanted to live and emotionally very sad. I have a strong feminine energy inside that has always felt repressed. I knew I wanted to live my life with the freedom to be who I am & embrace my goddess energy. 

Coaching with Lisa for the last 3 months has been unbelievably powerful. The small shifts from our weekly sessions have amassed to very large breakthroughs in my day-to-day life. I've loved how Lisa meets me where I am, understands me at a level no one else ever has, and coaches with kindness & compassion. 

Lisa uses techniques I've never experienced with another coach. She makes me feel perfectly perfect as I am and that there is nothing to fix because I am not broken. She is helping to bring out the true essence of who I really am. 

I recommend coaching with Lisa if you want to release the emotional baggage that is keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life you have always dreamed of.

Hjalmar Nordén

Musical Theatre Actor

Couldn't recommend Dr. Lisa Yeung more! With just one session, I first only noticed a slight shift in my mindset, but after a few months, it was as if a seed that had been planted just started to blossom. I realised all of a sudden as I had been swimming out where I could no longer touch the ocean floor that I wasn't even thinking about it anymore!

I felt so wonderfully liberated and couldn't be more grateful to myself for treating myself with the healing session. I would recommend anyone who feels held back by a fear to do the same as I did and schedule a healing coaching session with Lisa!

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