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Working with Lisa Yeung has helped me address and tackle challenges that seemed insurmountable before. I’ve been able to manage and overcome stress both at work as a Family Physician in a community health center and at home as a father of two young children during the COVID19 pandemic.

She helped and continues to help me be a better parent and a better doctor. She has helped me gain new perspectives that allow me to be a more understanding partner. Lisa always listens with patience and empathy and helps transform obstacles into opportunities. She offers valuable insights and powerful techniques to reset, grow and heal.

I have known Lisa for almost 15 years, first as a fellow medical student and then as a colleague in the South Bronx. I’ve watched her rise into clinical leadership roles in medicine and have experienced her stress relief workshops and individual coaching. She has so much to offer because she has overcome adversity and dealt with many challenging situations and stress herself, including being a medical director during the pandemic.

I have been so lucky to have benefited from her support, advice and obvious passion for helping others during all this time that I’ve known her. She has truly been a much-needed ally during some particularly challenging times. I highly recommend you work with her if you have the opportunity.

Eugene Schiff MD MPH - Physician, Clinical Director, Global Health Activist

I met Lisa Yeung at my usual business masterminds, except there was nothing usual about her. Once we started talking I knew I would be hiring her to help me navigate through some challenging chapters in life. As a business owner, wife, and mother I was able to surrender to the program of personal development with ease due to her calming and confident nature.

Fast forward 2 months later and I can attest to her ability to adapt to whatever you are in need of. She has helped me with sleep cycles to high level business decisions and truly everything in between. Working with Lisa has made a massive difference in my life. She is an excellent coach and I would highly recommend her to people that are in need of finding inner peace, techniques for coping, and unique approaches to all that life delivers (fears, anxiety, stress, etc.).

I highly recommend her for transformational coaching!

Jessica Woodbeck - CEO of Thrive Realty Co

Dr. Lisa Yeung has created a unique approach to stress management that has proven to be more effective than any other techniques I have experienced during my 15+ years in the personal development world. Her 4 step approach to eradicating stress has created lasting change for many of my clients and teams. Her workshops and trainings provide an exceptional combination of insights and mindset shifts, tactical tools for immediate stress relief, and strategies for freedom from stress in the long-term.

Her work has allowed even my busiest and most stressed clients to step out of the stress-cycle and experience peace and true freedom for the first time. She is truly an expert when it comes to stress management and prevention as well as self care and authenticity.

Dr. Lisa’s valuable insight, authenticity and heart have provided a valuable addition to many of my trainings across the country. Every time Dr. Lisa has shared her insights - whether it be at an event I’ve hosted or attended - I have seen a profound impact for each and every participant…including myself.

I highly recommend you join her Secrets to Stress Relief workshop and strongly encourage you to give yourself this gift. It will change your life.

Working with Dr. Lisa Yeung for the past 6 months has changed my life entirely. Growing up with very strict parents, I was constantly stressed about not performing perfectly, always worried about failure, and often shaming myself for not being good enough. When I was diagnosed with cancer in May 2022, I knew that it was related to the lifelong stress and deep emotional traumas I had experienced. That’s when I decided to work with Lisa.

What a difference it has made! I have experienced deep healing and an inner peace and love I had never felt before. I learned to open my heart to love and gave others a chance to love me. I learned to laugh wholeheartedly and, even more importantly, I learned to cry deeply. I have learned to cherish life. Lisa helped me create a new life that I never imagined possible.

Lisa has helped me shift from my previous life of always working hard to achieve (which was the only way I knew before) to a new life of elevating my consciousness to manifest the future. Miracles started happening out of nowhere. My tumors have shrunk and my cancer has regressed dramatically, contrary to what the oncologists said was likely or possible. Opportunities for new businesses and adventures have started popping up out of nowhere…and so much more.

I am so excited to live this healthy and abundant life that I could never have imagined before. This is so beyond my previous knowledge domain that my old self even just 6 months ago would have no way of comprehending or grasping all of these miraculous changes. I am so glad I took this journey with Lisa, and I am forever grateful for the amazing new person she has helped me transform into. For the first time in my life, I am so in love with myself and my life.

Kai He - Serial Entrepreneur, Engineer, Business Coach

I have participated in Dr. Lisa Yeung’s workshops andwh experienced her 1 on 1 coaching, both of which have been incredibly helpful and valuable.

At her workshops, she teaches powerful and helpful concepts in a very practical way that makes it easy to understand and apply. The best part is that you come away from it having tools that you can implement at any moment. Before working with Dr. Lisa, I could very easily get into a downward spiral of stress and anxiety that would ruin my whole day. Now I can use the exercises she taught us to quickly bring my stress or anxiety down from a 10 to a 0 in a very short period of time!

The best part of working with Lisa 1 on 1 is how incredibly knowledgeable she is and her unique ability to understand her clients, sometimes even better than we do ourselves. She integrates a variety of modalities, tools and processes into her coaching that go much deeper than most other types of coaching I’ve experienced. She is truly talented at uncovering the root of the problem or challenge and addressing it on a deep subconscious level, which then is reflected in our conscious world and leads to true transformation in our lives.

I definitely recommend working with Dr. Lisa Yeung, especially if you want to create lasting change in your life. In fact, she is the coach (of the many that I know) who I have recommended to the people closest and dearest to me, including family members. Her coaching is THAT powerful and effective. So if you’re hesitating to work with her, don’t. It’s a no brainer, just do it!

Jessica Pereira - Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Working with Lisa has been unbelievably powerful. The small shifts from our weekly sessions have amassed to very large breakthroughs in my day-to-day life.

When I met Lisa Yeung, I was struggling with creating the life I wanted to live and emotionally very sad. I have a strong feminine energy inside that has always felt repressed. I have wanted to live my life with the freedom to be who I truly am & embrace my goddess energy and yet I was struggling to do so. Lisa has helped me tremendously with this - she has helped bring out the true essence of who I really am.

I love how Lisa meets me where I am, understands me at a level no one else ever has, and coaches with kindness & compassion. Lisa uses techniques I've never experienced with any other coach. She makes me feel perfectly perfect as I am and that there is nothing to fix because I am not broken.

I recommend coaching with Lisa if you want to release the emotional baggage that is keeping you stuck and preventing you from living the life you have always dreamed of.

Nikki Rineholt - Master Practitioner of NLP, MER & Hypnotherapy

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